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CampLite TC10 Rally Review

“This camper looks easy to clean without the carpeting in the overcab.  It’s also nice to have space on the side of the bed.  The camper looks good.  I would want a vent in the overcab.  The cushions seem thin.  I would want them thicker.  The storage is long and of a good size.” – Rhonda Ward


Above: The 2012 CampLite TC10 at the 2011 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I love the outside color.  It’s a cool looking camper.  I’d like to see the exterior camper nose be more modern and aerodynamic.  The sharp aluminum edges in the camper worry me.  Inside this camper is Spartan, but there’s a nice bathroom.” – Ed Belland

“The CampLite has a very sound aluminum structure.  As a manufacturer who works with aluminum, I don’t think it could get any better.  The domed roof is practical.  I also like the removable table and the kitchen counter has a lot of space.  The cabinet latches are too hard to open.

I’m also concerned about the sharp corners in the camper that could tear clothing or pose a danger to kids or animals.  The bunk brace looks like it could hurt people and needs to be put on a hinge.  I love aluminum and build with it myself, but you have to make it more pleasing to the eye, safe, and functional.  The outside color is too dark.  In the summer the camper would be hotter than all dickens.  Overall, the camper seems designed for a weekend sports guy.  I’m afraid they will lose sales by not appealing to both genders.” – Dan and Lois Zell


“I don’t like the cabinet latches because they are very hard to open.  We’re also concerned that someone could hurt themselves on the bunk brace.  The CampLite is cute and roomier that I thought it would be.  It’s a small camper, but it has a nice amount of room.  The construction quality looks superior.” – Harry and Mary Hill

“We both think the cabinets are too high.  The camper is cute and very compact.  We like that it’s all-aluminum and composites and nothing can rot.  It’s amazing what CampLite did with a little amount of space.” – Joyce and Lindley Murray


“It’s a man’s camper.  I love the storage.  It would be good for beach camping, and for camping in the woods.  I think it’s neat, but it’s not a good camper for my wife.  She prefers more amenities like we have in our camper.  I can see increasing the storage in the bedroom with bins.

I would also upgrade the mattress.  My biggest complaint with the camper are the holding tanks; seven gallons of black and seven gallons of gray are not going to go far for beach camping or boondocking.  It would help to have a cassette toilet in the bathroom.  I could dump the cassette in the outhouses they have at the beach.  Since the cassette toilet has its own black tank, CampLite could then use a larger grey tank.  The versatility of being able to take the table out gives you more room.

I would put a Coleman lounge chair inside and watch television.  That way I’d have a lounge chair inside the camper.  The biggest thing on the beach is sand and trying to get it out.  With this camper, I could run a water hose and wash it out to get the sand out when I got home.  I wouldn’t hurt anything and that’s what I like about the camper.  The under sink storage is awesome.  I also really like the airplane-style latches and piano hinges on the cabinets.  That’s nice.” – John Ross

“We think it’s neat, but it doesn’t have the gingerbread.” – Larry and Lisa Dring

“I’ll take it.” – Trey Dring



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