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2017 Capri Retreat Review

Taking a step back, this camper is a fantastic example of what Capri is capable of.  In this Capri Retreat you can see virtually every option Capri offers.  If you’re interested in ordering your own Capri, this camper might help you decide what options you want, and what you can skip.

Most of our criticisms of the Capri Retreat can be answered with two perspectives.  First, as a model, the Capri Retreat is a value-oriented camper targeting half-ton trucks.  That means it can’t have all the features and storage we find in campers with higher price tags and higher weights.

That explains why there’s no toilet option, or black tank.  That explains why it has an east-west cabover with no storage and not a north-south cabover with hampers and penguins.  Only one battery and propane tank?  This is a value-oriented light weight camper folks!  Two batteries and two propane tanks doubles the weight and cost.

Second, this particular unit was loaded with almost every option Capri offers tipping the price tag and weight scale beyond Capri’s value-oriented, half-ton compatible goal.  In retrospect, it might have been much better to review a Capri Retreat with only the most popular options, and nothing else.  As a custom order direct manufacturer, we reviewed the camper they had available.  That’s how that went.

We were very impressed with the craftsmanship and overall build quality of the Capri Retreat and the Capri company in general.  If you’re looking for a well-built, old-school truck camper with the option to add some impressive comfort and convenience features, the Capri Retreat might be exactly what you’re looking for.

There are some compromises to achieve the low weight and cost, but that’s how they do it.  Throw in the classic look of quilted aluminum siding (in your choice of colors) and some attractive interior paneling options, and you have a real contender; one foot in the past, one foot in the present.

Half-ton compatible if carefully matched – see truck matching above
Optional one-piece fiberglass shower stall is a good size
Rear adjustable shelving area provides excellent storage
Well appointed kitchen with optional range, microwave, and refrigerator
Most camper systems are easily accessible for maintenance
12-volt and USB charging in the cabover.  USB charging from stereo.

No built-in toilet available – Porta-Potti is optional
Shower area needs a towel rack, or two
Kitchen storage taken by optional microwave, battery, and water heater
East-West cabover has no storage
Single propane tank and optional battery require monitoring and conservation
Review unit lacked an LP detector – manufacturer is adding them

Model Information
2017 Capri Retreat
MSRP: $8,995 (without options), $19,790 as shown
Warranty: One year workmanship warranty.  Individual appliances have their own warranties.

Capri Camper
26980 US Highway 377 North
Bluff Dale, TX 76433

Phone: 254-728-3226
Request a Capri Retreat Brochure

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