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2014 Top Mod Contest Level 2: Part 1

My total cost was $162 for both the camera ($132) and the pigtail ($30).  I would assume that this can be done for Dodge/Ram, Chevy/GMC, and Toyota trucks as well.


One alternative was to take the camera and pigtail out of the tailgate.  This alternative would have saved a bunch of money.  However, when I use the 2011 Ford F-350 dually without the Lance, I would not have the camera in the tailgate.

Another option was to buy only the pigtail from Ford and then buy a less expensive license plate holder camera from the internet.  I found one for $20 on eBay that would work.  The total expense would be $50 and you would have many more feet of wire if your truck camper extended way out over the rear bumper.  The drawback is that you would have to cut off the connecting plug for the pigtail and solder the wires together.  Good luck on getting a schematic of the pigtail from Ford as they consider it proprietary.  However, the schematic is out there on the internet.

If you own an older model truck without the camera in the tailgate, you can buy a dash mounted monitor and run a wire from the license plate mounted camera under the truck to the monitor.  Also, if you pull a large trailer with your truck camper, this approach would work there as well.

Doug Jenkins, Prince Edward Island
2003 Ford F250
2003 Palomino 8801

Unfortunately, I don’t have a before photo of the original table that came with the camper.  It was rather annoying as it was only approximately twelve inches by thirty inches – hardly enough room for two dinner plates.  Plus, it was situated in the already small, galley area behind the sink and stove.  We were forever bumping into it.  Fortunately, it had an early demise and conveniently broke.


We had just redone our kitchen countertops and we were able to salvage the old bar top section and put it to new use.  We just removed the hardware from the broken original table and reattached it to this custom made table top.


It’s perfect for the two of us because it’s steady, secure, and can be easily removed if the dinette is needed for an extra bed.  It’s practical and, best of all, it didn’t cost us anything!  We can now happily entertain another couple for dinner, cards, or whatever.

Jesse Taylor, Pennsylvania
2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD
2005 Lance 815


I built a removable extension shelf in the kitchen area that we can store under the mattress while we are driving.  When in place, it more than doubles the counter space.

Bill and Sue Billyard, Ontario
2000 Dodge Ram 3500
2000 Real Lite 11.5


When we bought our fourteen year old Real Lite Camper four years ago, we were pleased to see it had a strip heater in the roof air unit and it worked.  Unfortunately, we found out later it was an uncontrolled heater and had to be turned on and off manually.


We found a digital thermostat designed for a 110 volt electric baseboard heater which we could use.  Being digital, it did not have to be vertical so we could mount it on the ceiling beside the roof air unit.  We broke the circuit to the strip heater and wired the thermostat inline.  The thermostat is only powered up when we select the optional strip heater.  We can then select the temperature we want and leave it.  The roof air fan runs all the time and the thermostat only controls the strip heater.

Jerry Comfort, Michigan

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