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Kate: We’ll be celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary on the road and we both feel it’s the perfect way to celebrate.

Roland: We have seen some surreal scenes with crowded families sitting around a fire watching a big screen HDTV on their monster RV.  It’s troubling how artificial camping has become.  I believe the bigger the home you bring into the wilderness, the less wilderness you are going to experience.  Truck campers are back to basics, and let you experience the wilderness as it truly is.

Kate: I wasn’t sure about the truck camper thing initially.  We almost had arguments about it.  I remember saying, “no” to a truck camper because we couldn’t get from the truck to the camper from the inside.

But once I saw pictures of truck campers in amazing places and considered the possibilities of where we could go, the truck camper began to make sense to me.  We were originally looking at Class B motorhomes, but are so happy that we have a truck camper.

The further east we go, the less truck campers we see.  We get lots of compliments on the camper.  That’s a neat rush.  We always get a good feeling coming back to our rig in a parking lot.  We love it.

Feel free to visit our blogs.  Roland’s is and mine is rvtrailsandtails.

Kate and Roland’s Rig
Truck: 2008 Ford F350, Extended Cab, 4×4, Diesel, Single Rear Wheel, Short Bed
Camper: 2016 Northern Lite 8’11” Queen SE
Turnbuckles and Tie-Downs: Torklift Fastguns
Jacks: Happijacs
Suspension: Canada Spring 9-leaf overload
Gear: Bernhausen-tuned diesel motor, dual 95-watt solar panels, 12v and USB sockets


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