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Explore the Nation or Hibernation – The Big Question of Winter

About ten days ago our local news started to warn us of night time temperatures at or just below freezing.  Since we keep our camper at a storage lot without access to power, that means it’s time to winterize.

Together with the recent daylight savings time change, winterizing our truck camper made two questions the topics du jour at our house.  In fact, we talked about these two questions so much that we thought we would share them with you.

This week’s question of the week is two fold.  “First, are you planning to go truck camping this winter?  And second, when you’re not truck camping, what do you do to get through the long, cold, and dark days of winter at home?”

If you go truck camping in the winter, tell us where you go, and what you do.  If you stay home in the winter, tell us what activities keep you going.  We know someone out there is thinking, “I love winter!  Time to take the truck camper skiing!”  We want to hear from everyone about how you get through the winter.

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