In our Factory Tours section, you''ll find over fifty truck camper factory walk-throughs and dealership stories. Come meet the people, explore the factories, and discover the process, materials, and culture that make up the truck camper industry.



Ford Kentucky Truck Plant
Truck Camper Magazine tours the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky, wears Kevlar, watches the Demon Drop, and takes the squeak and rattle test, twice!

GM Flint Truck Assembly Plant
Truck Camper Magazine tours the GM Flint Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan with unrestricted access to the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra assembly line.


Up and Running at Northern Lite
Continuing the 2015 “Never Seen That” tour, TCM visits Northern Lite’s new factory in Kelowna, British Columbia and discovers something completely different, and somehow quite familiar.

Eagle Cap: Luxury on the Line
Continuing on the 2015 “Never Seen That” tour, TCM lands at Adventurer Manufacturing in Yakima, Washington and gets a bird’s eye view of the new Eagle Cap production line.

Flying At 100,000 Square Feet at Four Wheel Campers
TCM gets unrestricted access to the new Four Wheel Camper factory and finds itself at the wrong end of a flying forklift.  Welcome to the 2015 TCM “Never Seen That” Tour.

Palomino RV
Truck Camper Magazine visits the Palomino RV factory in Colon, Michigan.  And if we didn’t have a map, we might still be there.  This place is huge!

Travel Lite
Truck Camper Magazine visits Travel Lite’s factory in New Paris, Indiana.  We were very pleased to see many familiar people on the production line.  And a brand new pop-up!

TCM visits the Northstar Camper factory in Cedar Falls, Iowa and finds little has changed since we last visited them in 2008.  Is that boring?  Heck no.  It''s fantastic!

Coyote RV
Truck Camper Magazine visits Coyote RV in Commerce City, Colorado and finds Robby Rowe working on a top secret Phoenix Camper project.  And a Zebra.

Hallmark RV
Truck Camper Magazine visits Hallmark RV in Fort Lupton, Colorado and watches not one, not two, but three brand new Hallmarks hit the open road to adventure.

Lance Camper
Truck Camper Magazine visits Lance Campers in Lancaster, California and finds cutting-edge computer aided design and computer controlled machines taking Lance into the future.

Four Wheel Camper
TCM visits Four Wheel Campers in Woodland, California and checks out the AEV Jeep Brute Sparrow, or at least half an AEV Jeep Brute Sparrow.  Okay, we only saw the Sparrow.  Jeepers!

Arctic Fox
Truck Camper Magazine visits Northwood Manufacturing in La Grande, Oregon and watches Arctic Fox truck campers run through one of the toughest quality control gauntlets we’ve ever seen.

Truck Camper Magazine visits Adventurer Manufacturing’s factory in Yakima, Washington.  After forty-one years, it’s time to meet the new Adventurer.

TCM visits Alaskan Campers in Chehalis, Washington to see the fifty-third year of Alaskan Campers built from the ground up.  Look out, there’s a Mini!

Northern Lite
Truck Camper Magazine visits Northern Lite in Kelowna, British Columbia to attend a camper shell wedding.  It’s time to raise your fiberglass and make a truck camper.



Torklift International''s Magnum Super Factory
Truck Camper Magazine continues its 2015 “Never Seen That” tour at Torklift International’s factory in Sumner, Washington and discovers TLI’s real hidden power.

Classy Chassis
Truck Camper Magazine visits Classy Chassis in Valparaiso, Indiana, meets the team, and sits in some very comfortable seats.  Did we mention the extremely comfortable seats?

Truck Camper Magazine visits Rieco-Titan Products, Inc. in Frankfort, Illinois and experiences the thunderous “Cah-CHUNK!” of Bertha, the ninety-two ton press.

Truck Camper Magazine visits Hellwig Products in Visalia, California and finds out what’s hot, extremely hot, screaming orange and yellow hot, at Hellwig.

TCM visits Roadmaster in Vancouver, Washington and watches steel and aluminum become tow bars, sway bars, hitches, and supplemental braking systems.  Is that a 20,000 watt laser cutter?

Torklift International
TCM visits Torklift International in Kent, Washington and gets hands on with a brand new Torklift product.  Brush up truck campers, it’s a sweeper!

TCM visits Happijac Company in Kaysville, Utah and gets permission to show their incredible state-of-the-art automated sheet metal fabrication room.