For our question of the week we asked, “What do you do with your truck when you're not using it to go truck camping?”  In short, the answer is, “A whole lot.”

“You've got to be kidding!  Despite the fact that I am a gray-haired old lady who tries to walk as much as possible, I use my 3/4 ton diesel (my only vehicle) for everything from grocery shopping, to meeting up with friends, to going to my writing group, to transporting boxes of my books across the border into Canada for resale.  My favorite is to talk to the guys driving 1/2 ton gas trucks and saying, "Don't you feel like a wuss when gray-haired old ladies are driving big diesel trucks”.  It always gets a laugh.  I love my truck that I purchased on February 27, 1998.  I keep it tuned up properly and it always gets what it needs to keep me safe.”  Joei Carlton Hossack

“I have a Ford F350.  I have been the route from tent, to pop-up, to pull-behind, to fifth wheel.  I now have a pick-up camper.  I’m about to leave South Carolina on a three-week camping trip to canyon country in Utah and then Cody, Wyoming for July 4th.  When the camper is off the truck and under the shed, I use my truck to carry lumber and other building supplies.  I live in a rural area without garbage pickup so I also use my truck to make runs to the recycling center.  After the sale of my fifth wheel, I was left with the F350.  I am 68 and my wife and I were not ready to give up camping so the pickup camper was just what we needed.”  Charles Avin

“Other uses for my long bed diesel dually four-wheel drive Ford F350?  Well, lets see.  I've carried a couple bags of potting soil back from the local store, hauled a few small trees for our landscaping efforts and other similar piddling things.  I’m no where near taxing it's mighty abilities, but no matter.  I enjoy driving it.  Being a big guy, it fits me well, and climbing in and out is good exercise.  Do I regret having it?  Not in the least.  It carries my Lance 981 with ease, tows my utility trailer as if it were not there, and does it's job so well.  It is a joy to drive.  The truck earns it's keep and, once I fold the mirrors in, fits in my garage through our seven-foot wide door with at least two inches of clearance all around (minus the Lance of course).  One of these days we will bring something big home on it!  The current best possibility is a pallet of rocks weighing about a ton.  Not a problem!” – Robert Geers
“Well, it's easy to take the my 2005 Palomino Maverick off my truck so I use it for anything and everything.  We fish, camp, and go to motorcycle runs with the camper on the truck.  With the camper off the truck, I used to drive back and forth to work and everything else that a truck is used for.  When I bought my camper, they told me that it would fit a long or a short bed truck.  Long story short, when the camper was installed on the truck, I really didn't like what I saw.  The camper was fifteen inches from being all the way into the bed.  I modified the bed and now the camper fits just fine.  I then built a rack to carry my 4,000 watt generator.  I'm having just as much fun reinventing my truck as I do camping.  I'm not through yet.  I have a lot of plans in mind and I'll send you pictures as things develop.” – Tom and Barbara, Aransas Pass, Texas

“I have a Dodge 2500 heavy duty diesel.  I use my truck everyday.  It’s the only vehicle I had until last week. I just got back into motorcycle riding so maybe there will be a less wear and tear on my truck.  I think you guys are doing great.  Thanks for all the info.” – Bill Hanson

“Hi Gordon - Since we are full-timers in our truck camper, our truck has only one purpose - truck camping.  It was bought specifically to do this seven years ago and is still going strong.” Steve Clendening

“I use it to pick up road-kill and sell them to a local burger joint.”  Stanley Johnson (Publisher: Do you see what we have to deal with around here?  Good grief Stanley!)

“When we’re not truck camping, we’re AirStream camping of course!” – Bill Teixeira

“Gordon - I have a 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD diesel.  I have only 80,000 miles on it and up until yesterday, it was my only form of transportation.  I have used my truck to haul wood, lumber, moving my nephew, two kegs for a wedding, and what ever else may come along.  As I said, up until yesterday when I bought a 1986 Chevy 1/2 ton Scottsdale.  For a truck that has spent it's entire life in Michigan, it has little rust and only 77,000 miles.  Now I will be able to load my camper on the Silverado and leave it on for the summer!  Talk about some spontaneous camping trips.  It doesn't get any better than this.” – Sue Surateaux, Grand Ledge, Michigan

“Gordon - My 2006 GMC 2500HD is my only vehicle.  I don't own a home and don't want more than one vehicle.  When I'm through with my six-months of "full timing" in my truck camper, I take the camper off and leave it in the driveway.  I then reduce the truck back tire air pressure from 80 psi to around 60 psi to lessen the hard ride.  With my truck camper on, I usually do about 10,000 miles a year and another 6,000 with the truck camper off.  Unfortunately, with the camper off, I only gain about three miles per gallon in gas mileage (fifteen MPG vs. twelve MPG).”  Ramblin' Ralph

“My truck is my daily commuter, Boy Scout and gear hauler, fifth wheel puller, my wife's Costco errand truck (she loves the big "trunk"), and to show the Wyotech "kids" their cars are just not that fast.” – Doug, West Sacramento, California